2012 Auto Show and then some

Kicked off the day at the Auto Show downtown.
Fairly subdued affair this year ’round.

Best of show in my book? The 2013 Ford Fusion.

Agressive, Aston Martiny looks. Dig it thoroughly.

Wandered downtown and thought these “short” buildings were pretty nifty, holding their own on 2nd street while big high rises sprout up all around. I hope they can stay there for a good long time.

Checked out the new restaurant by Toby Keith by the ball field.
It reminded me of Hooters with a focus on legs instead of chests.
All the ladies wore cutoff jean shorts and cowboy boots.
The space was largely concrete, like a garage.

I figure if a band is playing or a game is going on, it’ll be nicely rowdy.
Not sure about the acoustics, and my freedom fries (seriously, they were called that) were cold. They’re new though, there’s time to get these things ironed out.

All this led to a conversation about, what if a personality like Toby decided to rehab say, The Southgate House? I don’t think that’s in his business charter, but it was nice to imagine.

At the end of the day, downtown continues to attract a wider crowd, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ll probably spend more time at the lager house.

Later that night? Soup and cinema in Pleasant Ridge.

Watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space for the first time (silly fun), and met these two pups.

That’s Howie above and Reba below.