The post with a dog in a van that’s really about two movies

Mom is trying to catch all the Oscar nominated ‘Best Films’ and it’s a fairly subdued lot this year. But it’s fun to watch movies so she came over for take out Indian food and we scratched two off the list:

“Midnight in Paris” Was a surprise. Thoroughly enjoyable and got the gears spinning how I’d imagine my own midnights in whatever city I held in dreamy regard.

It’d probably be New York or the entire state of California.

If only Woody Allen wasn’t involved. What a creep.

“Tree of Life” — I actually bought this movie on physical media, so it wasn’t the first time around the carousel. I don’t buy many movies but I wanted to revisit this one like I would a fine meal and savor the good courses. This means I’d fast forward through the Sean Penn bits. Bless his heart.

My favorite passage? It’s when the mother says (voiceover) while she’s bonding with her sons:

“Help each other.
Love everyone.
Every leaf.
Every ray of light.