La Mexicana and other places I’ve never been

I’ve started a todo list of restaurants I’d like to visit in the Cincinnati area.
One that’s long been on my radar is La Mexicana on Monmouth Street in Newport, Ky.
Finally made it out on and my expectations were exceeded.

So. Darn. Delicious. (I highly recommend the chicken tacos, though the steak are pictured).

Authentic, simple, mexican food. I’d put it up there with Taqueria Mercado downtown.
Mind you, it’s nothing fancy, and that’s part of the allure. For a step up, I’d go Nada.

The list of places I’d like to eat based on reviews, friends, or whatnot include:

  • Pompilios
  • Jets Pizza
  • Betta’s Italian Oven
  • Twin Dragon Buffet (West Chester)
  • Empire Buffet (Buttermilk Pike)
  • Sweet Basil
  • Sidebar (Greenup in NKy) – ✔ Good burger I’d do again.
  • Gordo’s
  • Susie Wong – ✔ Visited with mom, we left wanting
  • FB’s
  • Wicked Wich
  • Tousey House (Burlington, KY)
  • Otto’s (particularly brunch)
  • Miss Helens
  • Silver Ladle (Walnut St. Downtown)
  • Stone Creek (on Montgomery)
  • La Poste – ✔ Small portions, but quite tasty 
  • Loving Cafe
  • Jean-Robert’s Table
  • Local 127
  • Abigail Street – ✔ Definitely get the beet salad and carrot salad. 
  • Jimmy G’s (Elm St.)

So that’s the list as it stands. Always open to suggestions!