All in a day

The day started out catching mascots from around the area play broomball on Fountain Square.
They’re always doing something down there. It’s nice like that.

Then it was over the river to grab lunch in Kentucky. (Above, the Roebling Bridge)

Back to Ohio and drove around The Banks on the river to see how the construction was going.
Passed behind Longworth Hall where WOXY used to be. Miss those folks.

The new Moerlein Lager House is coming along nicely.

Then popped over to the convention center for the Cavalcade of Customs.

Heavily modded cars aren’t usually my bag, but there were some fine specimens.

I’ve got a few hundred more photos, but it’s days like this where they’re so chock full, I get frozen
by the enormity of it all. I’m reminding myself to pick a few, step away, and plow forward.