Magazine Club, Inaugural

A few friends had this idea… Since book clubs are so hard, why not have a Magazine Club where everyone shares an article from a magazine and talks about it over food.

The inaugural meeting was at Dusmesh Indian restaurant and it proved a fine backdrop for our unproven shenanigans. In addition to celebrating a birthday, we discussed:

  • “His Six Secret Sex Spots”
  • “Love’s Greatest Challenge: How to Cope When Your Partner Changes”
  •  “Cincinnati Chili”
  • “Old St. George Church Continues to Decay”
  •  “The Perfect Palette”
  • “The Rick Steves Guide to Terrorism in the World”

Discussion was lively. I learned a few things. And the Indian food at Dusmesh was super good.

This is Jeremy. It was his birthday.

Christy brought balloons. I brought my B game to focusing.

This joint was BYOB, so I brought a six-pack of Budweiser.

I’ve said it before, but the food was absolutely delicious.
(This was my first time at Dusmesh)

Christy made these cupcakes with ganache. They tasted as good as they looked.

Jeremy (Postman on Politics—not a magazineand Maya (Martha Stewart Living)

Bennett (CityBeat— not really a magazine, either) and Laura (Bon Apetit)

Christy (Psychology Today) and me (Cosmopolitan)

Bonus Boston Cream Pie (cake) at Bennett’s after the inaugural meeting.
I should mention, this is my favorite dessert of all time.