I made my bicep bigger in Photoshop

Tina (you may know her better as SwissMiss) asked if I’d throw in a tattoo design for a new thing called Tattly.

I said sure because I like her and thought it’d be fun.

Now I don’t have a tattoo myself, but if I did get one, my first would probably be something simple, very likely black and white, and have some core essence to it. Something built to last.

And that’s how I came up with Mother. Here’s a few steps of the process on how it came to be:

I took the photo above on May 17th and sent it off to Tina for review.
(I think it’s important to put things in context.) Little did I know, a few months later she’d have the whole thing up and running, and with a slew of awesome folks and designs on the docket.

An honor to be a part of this project!