Fluidic Sculpture design language

Fluidic Sculpture design.¬†That’s what Hyundai calls the new angles and creases appearing throughout their line-up. And I’m all for it. The cars are striking (though admittedly, the angle above makes this sedan appear rather tame.)

I’m guessing that with all the fancy stretching of headlamps and tail lights, eventually we’re going to see the two pulled so far into the lines of the car that they’ll meet at the B-pillar.

Sidenote: I finally read enough about cars to figure out which was the A, B, and C pillar. The diagram on this Wikipedia page is helpful to that end.

Anyway, I think Hyundai as some work to do on interiors, but good on them for making reasonable cars look good from the outside.

In other news, every time I finish a meal at Benihana, I must walk very quickly to a bathroom. This is too much information, and I should probably know better by now, but that ginger sauce is so good.