That talk thing

Back in March I mentioned I’d be giving my first talk up in Dayton. That bar graph above is one slide from a deck of seventy. I won’t lie, getting a coherent story together nearly gave me a heart attack. It wasn’t until the last 36 hours that it made sense.

In a nutshell, I talked about how I started with photography and why I still do it today, with lots of insight and examples crammed in there for color.

Yep, I’ll share the contents online at some point, but I want to iron out a few wrinkles and make it extra pretty.

As for standing up in front of folks and holding a microphone? I need practice. Lots of it. But it helped that when I looked out at the small crowd up at the South Park Tavern, I saw lots of familiar faces. Thank you to those that drove all the way up from Kentucky and Columbus and Oxford and other places. Really meant the world to me.

After I was done, gulped down a beer to get rid of the shaky legs and enjoyed the big ticket entertainment for the night. (more photos!)

(Thank you Kelley and Mike for pushing me to do something like this!)

The picture I took while sweating on the little stage.

Nick Eddy & Kelley

Above: Jasper the Colossal.

Above: Kelley & Mike as R.Ring.