Your mileage may vary

1,498 days ago I bought a VW Rabbit.
This, in a relatively short line of cars of my life:

  • Renault Alliance – it barely worked my days in high school
  • (College without)
  • Geo Metro – first job, first real (used) car (Thanks for selling it to me Wendy!)
  • VW Passat
  • Land Rover (lease)
  • VW Passat (same one as before)
  • VW Rabbit (February 4, 2007)

I mention this because on this second day of April, I hit 100,100 miles. Yes, I drive a lot. (I had hoped to snap the roll of the speedometer at the magical 100,000, but I spaced out.)

This car continues to make me smile, even without a sunroof.

The lines still please me, the knobs still work (knock on dash), maintenance costs have been reasonable, and well, it’s just been a solid ride–perhaps moreso than any car I’ve driven before.

I know Volkswagen is transitioning back to being a “People’s Car” – lowering costs of materials and such. They’ve had a history of bad reliability. I’m lucky at this point that things have gone as well as they have.

Here’s to hoping this Rabbit runs for another 100K.