Friends in Dayton issued The Album Challenge to each other at the end of 2010: It was simple: Make music.

They have until the beginning to May to put an album together. April 1st (no joke) was check-in for everybody to get together and share progress of their songs. They asked me a few days before if I’d like to come up and listen. I said “Hell Yeah!” and began to think about it more.

It would be lame to come empty handed. So I asked Tom if we could take that Friday to make an album. He said yes.

I came into the studio that morning and he asked if I was still serious and I said “Hell Yeah!”

I even could see the album in my mind: It would be us, shirtless, back to back on a white wall with the word “Pure” written across the top. He asked if we could be holding kittens and again, “Hell yeah!” (Genius, even.)

And that’s how this whole thing was born.

We proceeded to take a few snapshots and spent the afternoon recording 6 tracks:

Uterus of Love
No Refunds
Marketing Douchebag Voicemail
The Fan

I came up to the party ready to share our tunes and it was a blast.
Everyone else had actually recorded really good music.

But there’s magic in “Pure” that Tom and I feel like has legs we need to exercise. So we’re thinking of new mixes, refinements and additional songs.

We’re going to invite friends to join in, so if you get an email from me,
you now have a mental image you won’t be able to erase from your mind to attach to the project.

The album should drop for sale, Summer of 2011.

(Kitten courtesy of Della-Stock)