A bit more radical of a before/after than usual, but after reading about Jessica Walsh’s process for taking studio photos (be sure to click on the numbers by the image in her post to see the set-up), I felt the need to break away from a white backdrop and try something colorful.

(It’s just a sheet of red poster board).

I used Photoshop’s new Content Aware Fill (video introduction) to do the heavy lifting, and smoothed best I could under the circumstance.

Realizing later, the circumstance is “just my blog” and “good enough” was allowed because really, this is all for fun.

But then I second-guessed myself, wondering if I should even post—because if I’m going to do anything nice, it should really start right here. (And there’s some rough edges on this fella.)

Then I went back to thinking that this was all for fun.

A wooden doctor figure on red paper