Circuit Bending at Hive13

On Saturday, Tom and I went to Hive13, a hackerspace here in Cincinnati, for a Bending Workshop.

Many different skill levels were represented, with me at the noob end of the spectrum having never
used a soldering iron before.

We made these Bending Buddies (pictured complete below) that allow you to patch and probe circuits for sounds.

Tom finished his in no time and went on to make a contact microphone.
(Both kits available here by the folks from GetLofi leading the class.)

I think I got the hang of it, but I realized what I really want to do is make things light up.

Back when I was a kid, I’d punch holes through cardboard and feed through colored Christmas tree lights
to make control panels for imaginary spaceships.

I’m one step closer to making really kick ass imaginary spaceship control panels now.