Lady Luck

Back in February, Nathan and Katie of Eight Hour Day went to the Pasadena Book Fair and spotted among many other fine specimens this Lady Luck paperback by Warren Weaver.

I immediately took to scouring auctions for the 1963 edition of this book and came up a winner. There’s no indication inside who’s responsible for the fine jacket design.

It’s popular with folks these days to remake stuff to look like old book covers (I’m guilty), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome to see such a fine example of what we’re trying to emulate.

Seeing design like this is like listening to music that hasn’t been auto-tuned.*

* I’m aware the irony as I digitally alter every photo of late.

A magazine, a paperback book, a Wii remote, a cable remote, a book called 50 Sad Chairs on a tray on a coffee table with sunlight streaming through blinds

An alternate photo of the day above.

I need to dust…