Friends and Art

Feliz Gonzalez-Torres
“Untitled” (Supreme Majority) 1991

Took a while to work through images from this particular Sunday, as the hours were filled with
so. much. good. stuff.
My friend Thor is exceptional at finding quality things to do, and provides fine company.

We started at the MoMA and smartly ate lunch at their cafe.
Headed to exhibits on photography and the modern kitchen, then Warhol’s Motion Pictures.

The main space was filled with projections of long portraits on film…
Famous folks like Edie Sedgwick, Nico, Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper,and Susan Sontag.
It was mesmerizing and I’d have taken a snapshot, but it wasn’t allowed and wouldn’t do it justice.

Fun aside: anyone can upload a screen test to the MoMA pool, and the museum set up
and filmed a boatload themselves: Here’s my friend Brent!

The rest of the day included a triple-feature of short art films, a revival of Hello Again
(a musical that involves a lot of sex happening on the tables), and best of all?
A dinner of homemade meatloaf.

A kind tip of the hat to Thor, Patrick and Jeff for making the trip into the city so worthwhile.

Highly recommended, if you go to the MoMA, start off with a meal at Cafe 2.
Order too much food because you’ll find the appetite for it. (no rollovers for the rest of the images)

Ai Weiwei
Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, White House, Tiananmen Square
from the series Study of Perspective 1995-2003

Jenny Holzer
Living: More than once I’ve wakened with tears… 1980-82

Richard Lippold
Five Variations within a Sphere 1947

Tom Wesselmann
Still Life #30 1963

Paula Hayes
Nocturne of the Limax maximusEgg 2010

Konexi word game