Always a week behind

I’ve modified Rule #1 of this here photo album. It used to be “Take (at least) one picture every day.” And for the most part? I do. Really.

But some days I keep close and some days I don’t feel inclined. So I’ve decided to change the rule to: #1. Take a photo to represent each day.

That gives me some play. Because sometimes you just don’t want to break the moment with a shutter click.

And sometimes you just want to linger with some coffee and read the internet, and eat, and nap, and just make it through the day without doing one damn thing other than being the bare minimum of worthwhile.

Which, coffee and reading and taking in calories is completely worthwhile. Seriously.

The other thing I’ve come to grips with, is posting when I can, even if I’m always a week behind. (Hence Rule #2)