127 Hours

What I said the morning after:
“Never seen a movie that pushed me to the edge of passing out and vomiting,
until last night. Seriously. That was 127 Hours.” #

(Quick summary: man hikes into Utah canyon alone, arm gets trapped under boulder,
lives 5 days on pretty much just a bottle of water, frees himself by amputating his arm.)

About 3/4 into the film I started to get a sweaty, and while this is normal for me,
the theater was cold so it wasn’t making too much sense.

Then I got light-headed. Clammy. Sounds started distorting (though I think the
movie was precisely edited that way). And finally, nauseous.

I give credit to director Danny Boyle, he took me there. I think this deserves kudos but I don’t
need to see this movie twice to make sure.