A few more views of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a fetching downtown. Reminds me a lot of Dayton Ohio, in size and scale, but surrounded by beautiful mountains.

And it’s immaculate (almost in a Disneyesque way). The streets are super wide. “Wide enough for a team of four oxen and a covered wagon to turn around.” –History of the city.

Crosswalks at intersections have bird chirp noises to alert you it’s safe to cross. There’s light rail, some fine architecture and some really good skiing (if only I was better).

City Hall at dusk.

Crosswalk Flags are available in many places throughout downtown. These help increase visibility of pedestrians and apparently they’re working quite well. The travel brochure in our hotel had some figure about the success rate, but I can’t find it online.

We had more than one recommendation to grab food at Red Iguana. Which we did, and it was tasty.

Driving back from Solitude Mountain Resort where we attempted to ski.