Instant camera

Had a tasty brunch (Take the Cake) with my mom, and she finally got to peek in the window of Fabricate’s new location. They have this awesome old Polaroid in the window.

Speaking of instant photos, I’m enjoying Instagram of late, a simple iPhone app that lets you take square photos, apply some preset filters, and share… very easily.

Here’s a snapshot I took this morning. You’ll likely see again once I download images from my big camera, fiddle with them, and upload to this album. See? The old fashioned way is complicated.

Then again, I’m probably just smitten by the simplicity and lack of features on this new fangled app. If (or once) it bloats, then I’ll get bored and fire it up less frequently, or not.

All I know is, I didn’t need another “thing” to check up on, but this one has legs. Maybe I should’ve just bought this Polaroid.