Holding chickens

Zan McQuade

I guess it was January when Zan (pictured above) crossed my virtual path. (Thanks Merlin)

That connection turned into hearty admiration for her words and photos.
And that turned into the discovery that she was from Oxford and knew Wendy’s mom from a summer program way back when.

So when she was in town for a holiday road trip with her fella, we met up proper at the farm, had some coffee, held some chickens and did a little studio tour. Zan writes about it better here (Scroll down to Bloodbuzz).

Then the hour hands of the clock whirled around way too quickly and it was time to say goodbye. At least for now.

But this was really about hellos. And they were excellent hellos at that.

Never doubt the amazingness of the internet, good people, or amicable chickens.