Thankful for friends and family

I never got the carving gene.

This was my first Thanksgiving meal of the year, celebrated earlier in the week to accommodate schedules. Friends invited me over to join their family and take in a whole lot of food that was high in the best kinds of calories.

Now I’m getting ready to head out the door on this, the actual Thanksgiving, pick up my mom, and head up to Dayton to visit some of her friends for the holiday meal.

I love how variable this day has become over the years, mixing folks, moving around and of course, all the different food.

And aside from all the greeting card schmaltz attached to such days, I really am thankful underneath my knitted brow and behind every click of the camera’s shutter.

For family and friends.
Bending elbows and loosening belts after a good meal.
Fires in the belly and those that keep the room toasty.
Experiments and failures, successes and potential.
Laughter. Forgiveness. The good tears that wipe away right quick.
For growing and changing, honing and refining.
Making life to be more full of the good stuff.
And of course, dessert.