An 8-bit birthday

My friend’s have a insanely busy schedule and their youngest son didn’t get a proper birthday party. (Don’t fret, there was a celebration, but it was just amongst family.)

So when a free weekend finally emerged some months later, he wanted to have a shindig at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati. And though I was a curmudgeon about the delay, who’s to deny a young lad a celebration. (And I can’t lie, I love videogames too.)

Wendy made the awesome cookies above (his favorite games are currently Pac-Man and Dig Dug). They not only looked good, they tasted really, really, good.

Anyway, the afternoon was a fun slice with lots of classic games, pinball, and even some Rock Band. So yeah, it wasn’t totally 8-bit, but it was good times.

This last photo is from Wendy.
We’re attempting to figure out Pac-Man Party.