Folks sometimes wonder when meeting me, “Where do you live?”

They see glimpses of our studio, or snapshots from all over tarnation, and a big heaping of the midwest.

It gets confusing.

I live in Cincinnati. (In fact, I’ve been in Ohio my entire life.)

Moved to this joint a little over a year ago after living in Dayton for a piece.

It’s not perfect. The walls are too thin, neighbors too noisy, and drafts hard to stop. But I was drawn to the space and the light.

And though the calendar has flipped, there are still pictures to hang. I’ve only started to put away the haphazard stacks of things in the closets. Each attempt is an overwhelming exercise in “Do I really need this (thing)?”

I usually end up with a pile for the thrift store (which eventually gets there),
and a pile for eBay or Craigslist (which gets shoved back in a corner for another day).