The end of this Asia adventure

Ronald McDonald offering a standard Thai greeting called the wai.

I grew to really appreciate this gesture that can mean hello, goodbye, apologies and thank you.
It has an elegance of motion and intent.

By the end of the trip, I was trying my best to incorporate this motion in appropriate transactions.

Speaking of adventure, this was our last day.

Instead of our scheduled tour of the pleasure palace of Thailand’s Kings, we decided to explore the city of Bangkok at a leisurely pace. It was a perfectly fantastic way to wind down 18 days of near-constant travel.

With that, here are some images caught between shopping, visiting a museum, walking around, riding the super air-conditioned Sky Train, oh, and one more foot massage.

Museum images taken at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

I totally bought the above shirt at Tesco but it didn’t fit me.
I’m glad someone was able to rock it.

This piece of art was at the entrance of the museum. It showed a transit system for Bangkok “If There Is No Corruption” (for optimists, if you will.)

Did you know the word graffiti is plural of the singular word graffito? I didn’t until I looked up how to spell it just now.

And that concludes the photos of Southeast Asia for the most part.
I hope to write up more about the trip once I’ve had some time to reflect (and get over the jetlag).

In short, it was really fricking awesome. And though there were challenging moments, no bad outweighed
the beauty or the experience, and I was traveling with top notch mates.

An honor all around.