The other part of the day

This was one of those marathon days.

There was the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha in the morning, and then a half hour of Thai style massage, which is essentially a brutal non-sexual broach of personal space without oils and oddly enjoyable.

We were getting grouchy from the heat at this point (you can see from the graphic above, it was forbidden to wear Daisy Dukes to temples so dressing in long pants was in order—exacerbating the humidity and sweat).

A buffet lunch at the Mandarin Oriental brightened our spirits though, ranking as one of the best meals of the trip—so tasty, I didn’t even touch the camera.

There was also a “boat” ride through the canals of Bangkok which I’d rather forget, but I snapped a few photos so
there goes that notion.

A wobbly, loud, and splashy “long-tail” boat.

The day went on:

See the big lizard there in the middle, resting in the cool shade under the dock? Yeah.

This is fish food you can buy at the piers.

This is the Queen of Thailand, aka Somdet Phra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Borommarachininat. Her photo is plastered all over the country along with her husband and the rest of their family.

Toy food in a souvenir shop.

Samurai Pork Burger at McDonalds. Verdict? Differently shaped McRib with teriyaki sauce. (Related tangent: View other McDonald’s products from around the world)

The evening ended with Carpenters songs at karaoke and some Singha Beer.