Ta Prohm

By this time in our journey we were getting a tad exhausted:
from the heat, from the malarone (anti-malaria drug), and from all the temples.

So. Many. Temples.

Really, you could spend months in Cambodia to see them all.

So we asked our guide to pick “just one more” for the day and she chose Ta Prohm, which is not only striking  because it retains a setting in the jungle, but for the trees that grow from the ruins (and now support many of the decaying structures).

Oh, and this was one of the temples that was used in the movie Tomb Raider.

This Strangler fig took over another tree.

Something I haven’t pictured much at all, but it was prevalent everywhere, not just Cambodia: Souvenir zombies—hordes of folks that would attempt to sell you poorly designed t-shirts, mini Buddhas, incense burners, necklaces, scarves, or Fanta.

At one point there were no trinkets to sell, just begging, with a sing-song moan of the word “Money.”


But all this was a small inconvenience to the spectacle of the sights.
There was no pawing involved, just the occasional pester at entrances and exits.

We struck gold each night for dinner while in Siem Reap.
The first night was Nest and it was not only a beautiful space, but offered a fantastic meal. (Highly recommend the “set” menu which offered four courses.)

Another fine joint? Sugar Palm (pictured above) was recommended for their Khmer menu. This meal ranked as one of the favorites across the trip.