Cooking with Madame Ton Nu Ha

Met at the new restaurant of Tinh Gia Vien in Hue for a private cooking class with Madame Ton Nu Ha.
We were greeted with blue skies this morning and the setting was surreal in it’s exquisiteness—a total joy.
On our menu to help create: Dance of the Phoenix, Pineapple Lantern of Appetizers, Spring Rolls on Peacock,
and a host of other local and traditional dishes, prepared by Madame Ha’s staff, thankfully.
(My favorites were the sweet and Sour papaya salad and  Cantonese rice.)

There were so many photos, I’ve put them behind a cut.
Really, if you have a chance, click here to see a slew of snapshots from the class.

This garden oasis was the setting for our meal.

More tasty:

Madame Ton Nu Ha




Everything, altogether

Dan & Chris

Our tour guide Tien picks us up after class and the fine meal.