Hội An, day two

Day two in Hội An and we took it a bit leisurely to get adjusted to the timeshift, and gather some energy for the next hunk of movement and travel.

We skipped a second sweep through the market and getting custom silk shirts tailored and instead visited a family chapel, a traditional house where a family has lived continuously for centuries, an assembly hall for a performance, and a Chinese-style Pagoda (where we are pictured above).

After all that we relaxed by the pool with a variety of rum-based fruity drinks and unwound before an evening shower provided a little bit of cool as we had a fine dinner out in the town.

I’ve been told I need to take more pictures of food. Expect more later in the trip!

Looking up into a spiral of month-long burning incense. The sign hold prayers for a family.

A unicorn (or k’i-lin)