Known as Saigon

At the Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City (previously, but still known as, Saigon).

Kids up to 6 years old are not required to wear helmets on mopeds. This is left to the parents’ discretion.

And there are a LOT of mopeds. My travelmate Mr. Pratt described the weaving of the traffic as “a slow ballet.”

Exhaust fan in the temple, for when the smoke from the candles and incense become too much.

The Bitexco Financial Tower (with helipad) being constructed.

The Reunification Palace, which reminded me of Graceland as a building frozen in time. The 70’s to be exact.

View from our hotel at night

Popped in the mall for an hour of air conditioning. We did not eat at the Popeyes or Carl’s Jr.

Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories.
Travelmate Dan noted, “Vietnam: we kicked out the French in 1954. Now we madly lust after Louis Vuitton.”