This car is clean

Got about 90,000 miles on the ol’ Rabbit and it’s been a dang fine companion these years. And after seeing the chrome accents on the new interiors of the updated Golf, I’m even happier with my 2007. (Though I do like the revised front and rear design changes.)

On that trip to Graceland, a tire tread from a semi clobbered the bumpers and they’ve been dangling for weeks. But my friend was able to pop them back in this Saturday with some gumption and a rubber mallet.

Spent the rest of the afternoon washing and detailing our cars. I mean really detailing, getting into the nooks and crannies. Heck, I even took an old toothbrush and hunkered down and tackled the pedals.

A detailed car is up there with just-laundered jeans, clean sheets on the bed or a fine haircut methinks.