Heavy rain

I’ve been getting overwhelmed by all the natural disasters going on around the world of late;
earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, landslides, sinkholes and—perhaps not entirely natural— fires.

Climate change? Increased reporting and connectedness? End times?

I’m not one to know, but I figure there’s some data that would fill up a chart and show fits and spurts of
activity, gradual progressions one way or another and hopefully back again.

Until then (and aside from a slight tremor I felt in my apartment) the one thing I seem to notice with more
frequency is heavy rain—the kind that makes it darn near impossible to drive .

I entertain thoughts of pulling off the road til it blows over, but for the most part I simply plow on.
Very slowly.

Maybe I’m simply on the road more than I was before.
Or my windshield washers aren’t strong enough.