Breaking the rules

Just to reiterate my made-up “rules” of this album. after that nice run of photos from Graceland…
1. Take (at least) one picture every day.
2. Only post photos in order, never skipping ahead, even if that means great delay.
3. There is no third rule.

But this image above? I didn’t even take it.
Erik did—while we drove back from Memphis and up through Kentucky in the foggy night.
It captured the moment so darn well, I had to steal it.

I should also mention it is in lieu of a snapshot from an awesome meal at Caffe Nonna.
(If you ever visit Nashville, check yourself in with whatever location-based-app you’re using and enjoy excellent foods.)

And now? Here’s the crappy photo I took later that day back in Cincinnati outside Union Terminal.
A photo of broken auto-glass while we missed the Drive-By Truckers at Shake It Records because I’m lame.