My dad loved Elvis.

We took a family vacation down through Tennessee when I was little and visited Graceland.
I don’t recall much from that part of the trip, but I do remember visiting Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum,
mining for gold at Silver Dollar City (which would later become Dollywood) and
Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch – where my dad picked up a cowboy hat and boots.

Funny, the things we remember.

So it was a pleasure to revisit this place, and curious to see this relatively quaint empire through my now adult eyes.

Next trip? We’ll squeeze in Dollywood.

The entry.

The Music Room.

The Jungle Room

The kitchen.

Walking to the basement through the mirror-lined steps.

The Pool Room.

The TV Room.

The office.

This Keep off Grass sign seems more important with Elvis’ signature included.

Welcome to My World gold record

You know those photos they charge you like $30 for?
We didn’t buy it so this blurry shot will have to do.