Christmas Day

Dear Album that I update much delayed,

Yes, I made a photo every day in 2009… I just haven’t gotten to posting them.

I’m on it!

This one? I got up early on Christmas Day because I didn’t like the horizontal image I had selected
as a framed gift for my mom. And though this one is cropped from its vertical splendor, and blurry—it means something to me.

As for the blur, it was terribly windy that morning—and I fiddled with the color just a little to go with my mom’s decor
that is very warm and zen. She loves nature so I figured this was a fine image to hang in her home. It’s a gallery that place.
She’s always moving things around and switching up the curiosities and artwork.

I spent the rest of the day with her and my brother, catching a double feature and lamenting the concession stand lunch
we had between shows and the absence of the other two siblings.

Overall? A most excellent holiday filled with love and warmth and a little bit of blur.