Double feature

“Go see Fantastic Mr. Fox in the theater!” my friend Thor implored along with others.

And dagnabbit if I didn’t go and miss it from the fancy big theater. Luckily it was still on tap at the independent joint in Mariemont and I caught it this Sunday.

I very much enjoyed it, and though I might not be employed by a movie company to make these awesome sets laden with detail – I really would like to create something akin in 2010.

Next up was a late show of Avatar in IMAX 3D.


Incredible visuals and I enjoyed the story to boot.

I believe it was District 9 where I was able to suspend my disbelief and accept a digital character. This movie cements that possibility with certainty.

I tip my hat to Wes Anderson and James Cameron for making the double feature on my 38th birthday a very enjoyable treat.