the Thanksgiving that was

It was a little off-the-cuff. If you weren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving, the door was open—feel free to bring a friend and a dish.

Nine showed up.

The meal was plentiful and excellent.

And though I found some deficits in kitchen supplies, everything came together remarkably well. (Except for those card tables I pushed together only to find they were of varying heights.)

I remarked to my mom that I might be ready for a big table. Because when you have a big table, you do big table things. And quite often? Those ‘things’ turn into the fondest memories.

I’ll try not to get all misty-eyed as I did during the start of the meal, but this Thanksgiving filled me with great appreciation of these moments in life and the company of friends and family.

Plus also? Mom brought over my favorite egg dish that looks like a painter’s palette.

the turkey is done
Spritz cookies!
Spritz cookies!