something enjoyable

Tom, Wendy and I started Wire & Twine about, oh, 3 years ago.
Since then we’ve done a ton of stuff, but most folks just know us for the t-shirts. Which is cool. We like t-shirts.

But our idea about the company was about bringing people together, trying new things, making stuff that was exciting and ultimately, well… sharing.

So it’s kinda funny that we’ve never had a proper weblog.

We didn’t want it to just be about stuff we’re selling (though that will be featured about once a week or so.) So in order to establish a framework, we spent spare moments throughout the year to set goals, carve out categories, and make a gameplan.

The result is Enjoy This Beautiful Day and we’re pretty excited about what we have in store.

We’re just a few days into it, but we’re looking forward to filling it up with good stuff.