Fate to Fatal

Kim and Kelley take a break after printing up 1000 limited edition “Fate to Fatal” EPs. I’m going down to Shake It Records tonight (8pm) to see them play some music in commemoration of the release and Record Store Day.

Things have been so pedal-to-the-metal that I haven’t really taken the time to talk about this record. The cover is the first one I’ve ever designed proper, and it’s a helluva joy to work with The Breeders.

Vaughn Oliver’s work with them is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do these days.

The fact I love their music? Gravy. The best gravy ever. Total honor.

If you’re curious how to get the EP on vinyl, it is out there at independent shops today. As for tomorrow, stay tuned. I’ll find out the details and post more information, hopefully with some photos from this evening.

Fate to Fatal