She almost always comes in town for the holidays

The lucky cats by the front door at Sizzling Wok

And though we talk a big game about going downtown and getting something fancy, we end up back at the chinese joint from our youth.

She’s a little exhausted from trying to squeeze in visits to friends and family, but after a few rounds and some conversation, she’s re-energized and we are 19 again.

Figuring out how to make the ourselves and the world better.

Previously, December 2004 (We still order from the menu, avoiding the sneeze guard on the buffet.)

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Post update from the year 2024: Back in the day I wouldn’t reference friends directly on my journal. At some point I stopped refraining, and though in the world of Ai, it would likely be prudent to go back to private mode, I think I’m too far gone.

I found a set of photos with Jenn from before dinner and this one didn’t feel right to keep trapped in a folder:

Mom and son on couch. She's waving, he's smiling.