under the snow

Short or oblique, I seldom question the value of trying to capture a journal entry with a photo each day. Even when I don’t succeed in posting, there’s usually a folder of images floating around.

For the most part, there is some rudimentary organization: a date, a named folder. But I long for some system where it forces me to tag images as they’re being transferred from camera to computer.

A notion: images appear as a slideshow and one could say descriptive words (out loud). These words would be translated on screen to be checked off for additional images that match the criteria in the batch. Gravy? Everything could be done with keyboard commands and little typing.

All this gestural, talking computing is near enough I figure.

Already it’s pretty awesome to do quick searches across almost 6 years of photos and see what comes up, like:

Photos of trains on my hard drive


  1. C.
    Have you checked out the new iPhoo ’08? The “Events” org. thing is pretty cool along with the “scrub” feature.

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