justifying Nutella for breakfast

Ingredients easily pronounced.

Adds European flair to start of day.

Tastes good on a bagel.

Adding sliced strawberries makes it seem healthy.

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  1. I, too, once thought Nutella for breakfast had to be justified – but then I moved to Paris, or as some know it, “Land of the Crêpe”. Over here, they throw Nutella at you as you step off the Métro. Seriously.
    Ok, not seriously – but it’s everywhere. All the time.

  2. Also…
    You _must_ eat Nutella for those of use who are no longer allowed to.
    My favorite way, pre-SCD: on a banana, like French Elvis.
    Or, in a pinch, off of my finger :-)

  3. as far as i’m concerned, nutella needs no justification… it’s nutella!! hazelnutty cocoa goodness is enough for me. :D

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