He got Eggs Benedict

The first words Merlin Mann said to me after pleasantries when we sat down to have breakfast, “I don’t want to keep sucking your cock.” For a brief moment I thought we should grab our coats.

“But I love everything you do.” he continued, after a pregnant pause.

This man has dazzling comic timing. 

Backstory: Merlin and I met years ago when we were teenagers on LiveJournal. He caught glimpses of his hometown through my photos and I lapped his flow of content online

We finally met (for-reals-yo) at this greasy spoon and talked about things you talk about on LiveJournal: Lenses, note cards and notebooks, binder clips and other people.

We dove into our personal processes for making shit out of thin air and the general whoa over the technology that was hookin’ us up. Oh, and we probably went on and on about the breakthrough internet computers in our pockets that had just come out.

It was a whirlwind breakfast. We’d walk around the streets and scheme for a bit more. Then I was off to Muir Woods. I would link to a gallery from this trip. but sorting through vacation photos takes FOREVER.

The first iPhone
Two men reflected in a restaurant mirror out of focus