Coffee stalk

down at Coffee Emporium

Every once in a while, good things happen from all these little underlined links.

I could blather about how amazing it is but I’ve never been good blogging about blogging. It’s meta and obtuse and lots of other people can articulate it a heckuva lot better than I could even try.

I will say that there are a few groups of people I know that follow along with the ol’ journal here :

– Folks living in Cincinnati
– Folks that used to live in Cincinnati
– Folks that have never stepped foot in Cincinnati
– Folks that live somewhere else, and
– My mom (Hi!)

Technically my mom falls in two categories, but that is a special deal reserved for her.

Great, now I’ve lost the narrative…

Through a twist of fate, and a link on Dave Purcell’s most excellent Radio Free Newport, I had coffee with Gina, pictured above. She was gathering info on local ‘blogs for an article and had done her research — knowing details about me that I’d forgotten. (mental note: stop sharing things like that body wave I got in middle school with the world)

A chunk of time later and meters expired, we parted ways with that special type of jitter you only get meeting someone neat, and coffee super-loaded with sugar.

Gina falls into that “folks living in Cincinnati” category and thanks to google stalking I can now try and dig up dirt on her. I already have found that she is a hobby quitter.


  1. As a *silly* fan of “the last 10 days” (blame a former Cincinatti-an), I can only shout “hurrah” for twists of fate, random blog find-age and sugar-laden coffee trysts.
    Do keep us posted…

  2. Will do Communicatrix!
    We’re in the same boat sorta Drew.
    And I think we need to have at least a blogger-night-out Daniel. A 9 Rule-ish type network for Cincy folk would be most excellent though.

  3. I fall into two catagories – folks that have never stepped foot in Cincinnati and folks that live somewhere else. I’ve been reading for a while and particularly like the photos. I just got a dSLR and read a few sites for composition tips and ideas. Yours is one of the best.
    As for your ‘listening’ selection for this day — “Drivin’ on 9” is absolutely the best Breeders song.

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