This is not my beautiful house

and I should be in bed but here are some links

Three Wise Monkeys – A collection of games, activities and teaching ideas by language teachers in Japan (great for my friends who host playgroups when they’re kids get older)

Cliche finder – Search for “say” –> it goes without saying, needless to say, love is never having to say you’re sorry.

Project Runway Barbie auction – Bid all you want, just don’t say I look like Santino

Patterns in Interaction Design – a compendium of sites not just of interest to web designers, but for people who need a website or are thinking about starting one. (via)


Maya Angelou at UC tonight – 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, in Fifth Third Arena at Shoemaker Center (it’s free)

Robert Pollard – This Saturday at the Southgate House in Newport.


  1. I’m always surprised by the amount of pull that UC has in getting big names to come to campus…I’m super envious of those that will get to hear/see Maya Angelou. Go for me!

  2. About “three wise monkeys” – We (our group in school at university) making a game contianing just that phrase, how the hell did you nail it?
    Awesome group of links!
    (You still haven’t fixed or started to fix the preview mode of the comments)

  3. you must have been listening to the talking heads :o)
    hope you enjoyed Maya, if you went. ‘fresh off of her Coretta Scott King tribute.

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