Eve Disconsolate

Today was fantastic. The weather was spring-like, but don’t think I’m not against a snow day.

Went to the museum to catch Borrowed Time: The Photograph as Music Album Cover. And while it was great to see true prints of some excellent work, I was a little miffed by the small reproductions of the album covers themselves — almost seemed like color copies. Seeing how the crops were made and history behind the works was great. So much that I’d have liked the exhibit to have been twice the size.

There were iPods at a few stations, playing music from the albums, but it seemed uncomfortable to stand there, apart from the work. I’d have liked an audio tour with clips in context.

They also had the The Genius of Water on display as Fountain Square is redeveloped completely.

The Genius of Water at the Cincinnati Art Museum

More about the the sculpture by Hiram Powers at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

From the placard:

In tangible form, this sculpture represents the power of patronage to encourage the arts. For all Hiram Powers was able to accomplish, he felt indebted to his great Cincinnati benefactor Nicholas Longworth (1782-1863). Inscribed H.P.–N.L. on the back of the base, this marble was Powers’ tribute to his patron, who had passed away in 1863. When the suclptor died ten years later, the marble remained partially carved in his studio. His master carvers completed the work, which was purchased by Longworth’s grandson, also named Nicholas, who donated it to the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Powers chose the culminating moment from the book of Genesis when Eve, after yielding to temptation by eating the forbidden fruit, realizes the consequences of her actions. According to the sculptor, he portrayed Eve “with her face raised to Heaven with an expression of deep contrition’ one hand upon her breast, the other pointing down to the serpent, who recoils at her feet as if sensible to the accusation.

Afterward, stopped by Trader Joes and stocked up on French style flat bread with ham, carmelized onions and gruyere cheese. Cooked according to directions (avoiding burnt), it’s a sin. A tasty one.