Haircuts, Michael Jackson, the price of the dollar and Buster visits the lesbians

On my way to lose the mullet

Serious things to talk about at the barbershop yesterday… We didn’t speculate on whether or not Michael Jackson is guilty, we just lamented the fact that we are in the loop.

Maybe I’m secretly an uptight person from the 50’s—some part Norman Rockwell that wants my social issues to have a warm glow from pipe smoke seen through the vaseline covered lens of a Hallmark movie. Er wait, I’m mixing eras.

But this case, and many others with no celebrity profile, just aren’t my business. Aside from that, it isn’t news until there is something substantial to report. Let me know when it’s over. Or better yet, don’t tell me. I’m not sure I need to know about anyone’s scandal unless I am hiring them for a sensitive job.

Okay, I’m done ranting for a while.

I had to curb several entries about how China thinks the American dollar is unstable and the big story of the day is how Spongebob is gay.

All this while PBS crumbles under the weight of an asshat who thinks Buster shouldn’t talk about his visit with a family that has two moms.