16 Good Things about 2004

So most of this stuff is specific to 2004, but I’m aware some of it was around long before.

Videogame:Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal – Platforming goodness for the PlayStation 2.
Concert:The Pixies at Coachella – It’s kinda tough to compare anything to this… Lollapalooza with good bands. I admit a soft spot for seeing Kim Deal smile and knowing every single song played.
Roller Coaster:The Beast at Kings Island still wins, with the Drop Zone (also at KI) a close second even though it’s not a roller coaster. Why is this on here? Cause it was a standout day with no lines.
Board Game:Settlers of Catan – There was another game by the makers of Cranium I really enjoyed too called Hoopla, but Settlers has a classic strategic greatness about it.
Album:Iron & Wine “Our Endless Numbered Days” – Since I couldn’t rightly say I love Grandaddy yet another year, I pick this disc from Samuel Beam. It’s mellow genius that never bores me.
Game of Poker:The cigar poker party in NYC – Another fine weekend, capped off with good food, fine cigars, and great people.
Meal:The Matrimonial Barnwarming Meal – prepared by Robbie.
Practical Joke: Getting Kate to unknowingly pose for a photo with a box labeled SEX TOYS
Candy Bar: Hershey’s Take 5 – with the Butterfinger Crisp a tight second.
Movie:Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – This movie makes me realize what a big hearted messed up romantic wuss I want to be but never succeed at.
Get-away:The Road Runner Regional Rodeo in Phoenix. A nice break in the chill of January, hang time with my brother, and meeting old and new friends alike.
Outfits: Prom 2004 – This is what happens when you think life should have more balloons and polyester.
Music Video:The Sad Song by Fredo Viola – He wrote the song, performed it, shot the video and put it together. Aside from all that, it’s wonderful.
Surprise:The Incredibles – Eye candy + classic storytelling – the shallow snarkiness of Shrek.
Theatre Experience:Anticipating Miles – I cried. Okay? I saw live theatre and tears came to my eyes, and there was no big chorus number.