Smack, crack, bushwhacked

Hey kids, rock and roll

Sure, I’m not big on the new R.E.M. album. It’s just okay. Okay, it’s less than okay. It’s tired. Still, that didn’t stop me from catching them buzz through Cincinnati tonight.

Michael Stipe’s voice was in fine form, and he wasn’t fall-over-drunk. This generally makes for a good show.

The sound was pretty good as well, though I’m not sure when R.E.M. became a six piece. Regardless, the keyboards and drums needed cranked. Maybe that was an issue from the balcony.

They played a nice smattering of songs spread across their career, many of which, seemed poignant given the election that is but days away. I culled new meaning from lyrics in this context.

I’m amazed at how many folks in the crowd seemed only to respond to “Losing My Religion” and “The One I Love” – then again, these might have been fair weather fans… Those people that came specifically to boo the soapbox Stipe stood on for less than 60 seconds.

I was aghast that there were audience members with the audacity to scream Kerry Sucks and FOUR MORE YEARS. This, while the lead singer said, “Go out and vote, one way or another. Just let’s not let this election be fraudulent…”

Leaving with my friends, some chick with a over hair-sprayed mullet held up a crudely constructed cardboard sign.

“This is Bush country” it read. She asked me what I thought, and I said, I hope not. She then turned to her cohorts and said, “See, I can pick em out!” So proud she was able to smartly spot the bearded guy with longish hair as a liberal.

Yeah, I believe war should be carefully considered. I trust those who served believe the same.

I believe the Constitution should not take away rights.

I believe we need to focus on issues like the healthcare, the deficit and our environment with renewed vigor.

And I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract.