Why does the unsharp filter make things less blurry?

I intentionally left my glasses at home the other day. I felt too reliant on them and I figured my eyes were getting lazy with the prescription. By the end of the day, I had a mild headache and napped at 5pm on the couch in the studio.

Lesson learned.

Unrelated: Tonight, I had some interesting discussions about hindsight. In particular, it brought forth my experiences of my first job, where after quitting once, I was let go after a brief return stint not months later. I was a bastard then. I deserved to be canned.

I felt entitled to things I had yet earned, and this made me an unhappy camper. No matter how good you are, one’s contributions cannot outweigh the environment we create with our attitude.

From there, I took a crash course on life and work. Running a business is hard, and I underestimated the time and dedication involved.

I wonder though, is this something I would have learned without being fired? Are there lessons that we can simply not be told, but must experience?

The thought evolved… Can we love without having lost? My feeling is that yes, it’s entirely possible, but still, that whole notion of experience crept up.

No matter, I’m stuck with specs, I won’t leave them on the nightstand (on purpose) anymore.