Frankfurt to Cincinnati

The loud toddler points at the projection unit

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” This is the high pitched noise the toddler makes when something bad happens: Something shiny becomes dim. A book or snack is completed. Or of course, if it is too silent.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii” This is the high pitched noise the toddler makes when something favorable happens: Dad tickles him. The flight attendant brings out a cookie (No more sugar you idiots!). Or of course, if it is too silent and nothing bad is happening.

5.5 hours on the tarmac of the aborted flight + 8.5 hours of the actual flight the following day, I sat listening to this kid while watching the same looped programming on the badly focused and off-centered video screen on Delta’s flight from Frankfurt to Cincinnati.

Our video selection at the time of this photo? A program about amazing dogs. This particular dog, Lulu, half golden retriever and half golden lab, works at a home with autistic children. Lulu has a disposition for kids: meaning, she has been trained not to bite their heads off when they grab tufts of her fur.

I channeled Lulu’s spirit as I sat there on my numb tailbone, put on headphones and read my book, unable to sleep.

The canceled flight was the only crappy part of the trip. I enjoyed the sights, food, company and being unplugged immensely. There are photos. A gig of ’em. Some may be ok with color correction and cropping.