Be good for goodness sake.

Raise your hand if you wanna skip outta work and see a movie

Heather, Dave and I went over to Kentucky and had a looooong lunch then went to the nice theater with the stadium seating and cupholders to see Elf.

I haven’t gotten so choked up with joy through a movie in a long time. Not just side-aching funny tears but that burning behind the eyes of nostalgia long erased by thinking Santa is not real.

The love interest, Zooey Deschanel has a super sweet singing voice too. Pair her with Leon Redbone and chills run up the hairs on my forearms.

Maybe it’s ’cause we need a little cheer these days. Maybe it’s that I identified with Will Ferrell’s Buddy the elf way too much. Maybe it’s the little kids in the theater went “eeeeeew” when Will and Zooey kissed.

But it was good, and now I wanna get a big ol scarf and heavy coat and starting singing Christmas carols.